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Tissue Decompression – Natural Body Renewal from the Inside Out

Ancient therapies combine with technology to surprise scientist in clinical trials.  Tissue decompression is growing rapidly in the tissue restoration therapy segment.  Tissue decompression is the application of a variable negative differential pressure to the soft tissue resulting in a temporary fluid imbalance.   The tissue respond to the pressure change releasing toxins, filling withfresh blood, and rehydrating stagnant tissue.  As the pressure alternates tissue is stretched and lengthened breaking up stagnation, scar tissue, and other blockages in the tissue. 

Tissue decompression represents a total workout for the soft tissue equalizing fluid levels and activating the production of collagen and muscle.  The stimulation aids the body to equalize activating the healing process to resolve a wide variety of chronic soft tissue issues.  See decompression massage therapy, sub-atmospheric and negative pressure therapy. 


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