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The Power of Tissue Decompression is Immediate.

Dropping a half an atmosphere in less than a second sends a  clear message to the your fluid body.  Equalize the pressure now.  Equalization sets in motion a fluid wave that forces the release of accumulated toxins, the influx of vast amount of blood, the extension of all the soft tissues including skin, muscle, connective tissues and myofascial structures.  The application of negative pressure breaks up tissue stagnation and blockages resulting from adheshesions, scar tissue, stress and trauma.  In the process tissue is rehydrated, nerves are stimulated and the lymph is drained.

The result is a rebalancing of the system and the stimulation of the natural healing system.  The benefits include aesthetic renewal, therapeutic reduction stagnation and chronic pain and the improvement of circulation and waste elimination.

The therapy is painless, natural and very stimulating to the body.  It is often caused a reverse massage because it pulls the body out rather than pushing in.

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