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Soft Tissue Therapy Demo by Local Chiropractor

    Chiropractor demonstrates and describes the benefits for His patients from using DMT from Howard Bailes on Vimeo.

    Soft Tissue Therapy Demonstration
    Dr Said a local Chiropractor demonstrates the application and benefits for DMT soft tissue therapy at his practice. Dr Said purchased a machine 2 months ago and said, we have used it on some fibromyalgia, adhesion’s, post surgical Knees, laminectomy. He discusses the dynamic setting and selection of auto connecting cups. Demonstrates cup placement and operation of the soft tissue therapy. The system can be run unmanned with the timer. The units computer controls operation and automatically turns off. Demonstration of the placement and operation of the tools. Can leave marks on the body if not careful but there is no pain involved.

    Can use small tools for soft tissue therapy, including to strip muscles. Set machine to static. We use glass tools for stripping, removing edema and TFL. We have control over the intensity. We had a patient with swelling, we x-rayed the knee there was no fracture. There was a lot of edema so we used this tool to remove the fluid. We followed up the next day and there was no swelling. So it worked very well. There is a variety of tools for any situation.

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