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Painless Pain Lifting for Soft Tissue

Tissue decompression therapies are not new.  Pain lifting is an ancient therapy.  Archeologist date tools used to deliver the negative pressure far back in our history, more than 10,000 BC.  Our ancestors knew how to break off animal horns, smooth them on stone, held them briefly over fire to remove the air and  how to deliver the negative pressure to the body  Negative pressure could draw out poisons, swelling, puss and even break up intestinal blockages.

Hippocrates talked about the power of these methods, the Egyptians wrote about them on the walls of their tombs.  It was the Chinese that made the process well known. Today the power of negative pressure therapy is well documented in more than 500 medical clinical trials.  Its largest medical application is post surgical wound healing where it has gained the reputation of reducing the time to heal a wound by half.  It is only in the last decade when the body tools became available that it’s benefit for bodywork became widely known.
Modern decompression massage therapy (DMT) differs from it’s ancestor, cupping, in several important ways.  The first way they differ is application.  Cupping uses small hand heated glass tools.  The small tools do decompress but they are mainly used for meridian balancing. They do not work on large areas of tissue or deliver a variable decompression.  DMT process requires a powerful powerhead, mufti-connectors and large body tools.  Modern tissue decompressors are suitable for large tissue manipulation without pain. Multiple tools can be used at the same time and the variable pressure is completely controllable.
The reduction of pain is just one of the many benefits of this powerful therapy.

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