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Marketing DMT Therapy

Certified DMT therapist and trainer Chari Paulsen discusses marketing DMT therapy and how she keeps her schedule full using free mini sessions. She offered a free mini session where the client could experience the therapy and she did not have to give away too much time. She signed up the first five prospects. Some were for facial renewal, some were for full body sessions and some were for arms. Flabby arms are a big thing with the baby boomers because it is hard to cover them up.

Chari has run a very successful body working practice and enjoyed great success marketing DMT. Chari is certified to train in several modalities and speaks publicly whenever she can.

There are many marketing tactics for this versatile modality. Each category has different strategies. There are three categories, aesthetic, therapeutic and wellness. Therapist have had a lot of success with aesthetic is to promote a facial tightening Groupon. Even with the high commission you are still getting paid for what amounts to a introduction session. Actual facial tightening therapy requires multiple sessions but with the performance based marketers you only pay commissions for the one. After live demos the conversion rate is very high. When you factor in the small commission on the first session and divide by the total number of sessions the marketing cost is very small.

Another marketing DMT therapy promotion that has worked well is pain lifting. There is a lot of pain out there and the reach of these marketing promotion services is very wide. The key is you are marketing things they are not used to seeing advertised. There is little money in marketing massage because there is a low return rate and the commission on the single treatment is high. They can simply wait a few days or week and there will be another issue.

Marketing Wellness DMT therapies are good but typically not multi-session like bodywork or pain management. However during the wellness offer you can introduce the body tightening and often convert some to long term clients since body contouring requires many treatments to obtain the desired results. Feeling is believing with this therapy.

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