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Scar Tissue Screen Capture

Client Discusses Scar Tissue Treatments

Scar tissue screen capture

Client discusses scar tissue treatments. Judy was receiving regular massage for an injury she had received at work. She had surgery on the right side of her buttock and hip. She had several scar tissue treatments with a new decompression massage therapy machine which almost quickly reduced the amount of scar tissue. Immediately she had more energy she could move easier and actually stand on her left foot to dress. It was a great benefit to her and her mobility.

See the scar tissue treatment on this site under the category heading injury and soft tissue trauma. This video shows the tool and scar tripping method that was able to reduce the lumpy scar tissue and soften the area in only a limited number of treatments. The tools chosen by her therapist to treat this post-surgical trauma was the glass bead. the soft tissue was lubricated and the tool was connected to the tissue decompression machine. The settings were static at about one half atmosphere. The glass bead is tipped at an angle to drive the bead directly into the scar tissue while it pulls on the back side.

This is called static negative pressure stripping and is effective at breaking up the scar tissue below the surface. The reduction in the mass caused by the scar tissue can be felt immediately. The combination of stripping and decompressing the soft tissue results in a significant amount of stimulation. Left alone this tissue mass often remains unchanged for years if not permanently. The fibrous tissue requires a bodyworker with the right tools to resolve the problem. These scar tissues masses often entrap nerves and reduce circulation to the affected area resulting in significant pain for the patient. The scar tissue can in some cases even reduce mobility for the patient. The number of treatments required to resolve the tissue mass varies depending on the extent and nature of the fibrosis.

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