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How long will you walk around wounded?

It is fair to say that our society has a large group of walking wounded, but it was not always that way.  Tissue pain has increased dramatically in the last century largely due to poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and the resulting tissue stagnation.

If we lived on a working ranch most of these problems would simply disappear.  But we sit in cars, at desks and in front of the TV.  Many of the traumas we incur are the result of past surgical procedures or injuries incurred because of our lack of conditioning or just from eating crap and sitting on our rear till we stagnant like water in a pond.  No matter how you got your pain. Pain is a pain.

Few practitioners understand that these problems reach down to the cellular level.  When you damage these fibrous tissues the injuries would not be visible even if you could see inside.  They represent unhealed micro tears in tissues that can lead to chronic inflammation as the body just keeps trying to heal the injury.  There is scar tissue formed by the rapid repair job the body did attempting to complete the repairs.  The problem is that the inflammation and the scar tissues cause further problems. 

There is irritation from the inflammation; there are blockages from the scar tissue with the resulting constricted tissue, limits on range of motion, tissue dehydration and the blockage of normal nerve transmission.  So the transmission you get it a warning.  Pain is a message that the job is not being done and the body needs some help to get through the unresolved issue.

So it sounds like you need to get in there and get things moving and healing.  But wait… you want to do this from the outside, right!  And you want to do it without a lot of pain, right!  And you want to do something that could affect all of these negative conditions previously described, right. 

The solution is so old no one even knows when the practice started.  Archeologist unearthed evidence of the tools to provide the therapy dating back more than 10,000 years in ancient camp sites.  Hippocrates wrote about it as a most powerful healing method.  Egyptians described it use in surgery on the walls of their tombs and the Chinese developed it into a medical solution for more than a billion people who use it every day.

So what is this natural de-stagnating therapy that is all natural, non-invasive, painless and still effective?  It is called transcutaneous tissue decompression (TTD) and in another post I will describe its full evolution from its ancient static to its modern dynamic form.  TTD goes by many other names today, as it is re-branded, patented and now even marketed.  In medicine it is referred to as sub-atmospheric therapy, or negative pressure therapy and it is used to reduce the healing time for post surgical wounds.  In the bodywork industry it is referred to as decompression massage therapy or the reverse massage and is used for aesthetic, wellness and therapeutic purposes.  There are literally dozens of other names used around the world for this proven therapy.

Discover how this therapy can lift you pain right out of your body when traditional approaches leave you among the walking wounded.  They don’t call these old wounds ancient wounds because they are quickly relieved by current practices.

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