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Healing Soft Tissue from Within with Decompression Massage Therapy

Tissue injuries can occur from a variety of direct or indirect sources. Direct injury is the result of a single incident resulting from a blunt trauma or sudden overload. An example of a direct injury would be running into the coffee table.  Another example would be post surgical tissue trauma from a repair.  Indirect tissue injuries are produced by repeated stress to the soft tissue.  Examples would be chronic stress, behavioral tissue trauma and disease produced trauma.

The result of tissue injury can be tears, bruising, bleeding, tissue toxicity, dehydration, scarring, and nerve damage. Failure of these injuries to heal properly often results in pain.  These injured tissues may contain blockages from scar tissue, adhesion’s, or chronic muscle contraction.  The result is reduced blood flow to the tissue and reduced waste elimination.  The blockages in muscle tissue may prevent their normal function.  The tissue often dehydrates reducing the cells ability to communicate anything but pain. Pain is simply a cry for assistance.

The process of assisting the healing of damaged soft tissue structures from within can be greatly aided by the use of variable negative pressure.  A negative pressure generator can deliver the variable pressure through a large selection of body tools. This powerful form of tissue rehabilitation is referred to as Decompression Massage Therapy (DMT).  DMT roots are in ancient cupping therapy. Cupping was used to move body energy.  DMT is used for tissue manipulation to aid in rehabilitation.

DMT manipulates soft tissue by pumping, stripping, extending and shearing soft tissue depending on the application. The negative pressure painless penetrates to the bone.  The process manipulates the tissue producing cross fiber breaking, longitudinal stripping and myofascial shear in order to break up blockages and adhesion’s, eliminate accumulated waste and dramatically increasing circulation to the treated areas.

DMT produces a more powerful range of tissue manipulations than could be accomplished by hand. There are more than 500 clinical studies that document the power of negative pressure to heal soft tissue. There is a growing network of therapist and doctors now certified in this powerful tissue manipulation procedure.

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