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Healing Chronic Tendonitis in Half the Time as Traditional Approaches

Traditional medical treatments for tendonitis use a pharmacological approach to treating the injury accompanied by ice to control inflammation. But recent clinical trials have determined these injuries are the result of damage to the tendon at the cellular level. This damage results from micro tears in the connective tissue in and around the tendon.

The healing response presents extended inflammation which retards healing combined with a rapid and unorganized formation of repair tissues in an effort to quickly heal the dysfunctional tendon. One approach to assisting in the natural tissue repair process is called transcutaneous tissue decompression (TTD) therapy.

The treatment is applied with the use of a differential negative pressure applied along the functional direction of the tendon. This process accomplishes several objectives. The pressure extends to the cellular level reducing accumulated fluids, increasing vascular profusion within the entire tissue region and it aligning the the formation of the repair cells in an organized fashion. Clinical studies on negative pressure therapy have revealed its ability to reduce healing and rehabilitation time.

The treatment is performed by certified massage therapist, physical therapist or chiropractors using specialized tools that are moved firmly along the muscle and tendon. The adhesions can be prevented or quickly released where they are absorbed as the new tissue lays down in a health manner.

Howard Bailes is the manufacture of the FDA Class I DMS-2000 powerhead and tools used to treat a variety of soft tissue injuries. He can be reached at [email protected] (713) 501-0075

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