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Hand, Wrist and Forearm Therapy Normalizes Tissues

Hand and wrist injuries can be managed through effective soft tissue rehabilitation. These repetitive use injuries do not require a traumatic incident to injure a joint, muscle or tendon.   These injuries happen slowly over time but can end up in very traumatic.  No profound event is required. There is often no pain warning until the damage has begun.  Pain in the wrist and hand are often ignored until the result is a large problem often requiring braces or even surgery. Everyday activity such as prolonged repeated activities such as using a cell phone, typing, using a mouse, driving, writing, and dozens of other simple repetitive activities contribute to this problematic soft tissue issue.  These activities are often performed over and over with little attention paid to the muscles, tendons and joints that perform these activities.

Simple body maintenance can reduce the probability of incurring this soft tissue problem.  One way to ward off this problem is the occasional use of negative pressure therapy on the hand, wrist and forearm.  This therapy gently works the muscles, increases blood and stimulates soft tissue regeneration.  The basic renewal protocol only requires about 30
minutes to perform. If damage has begun multiple sessions will likely be required to normalize the tissue and resolve the pain.  A simple test can determine if there is a progressing injury.

Learn the entire therapy beginning with physical testing, motion extension, and decompression.  Help your clients avoid this modern day injury.

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