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FREE information on our system:

Package includes –

-Principles of Decompression Massage Therapy
-Aesthetic Tissue Renewal
-Pain Lifting and wellness therapies

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By attending the DMT Health Webinar Workshop, you will dramatically change the way you think about your massage and spa business potential. The complete DMT Health Business opportunity, marketing strategies, training, mentoring and support programs will be discussed and demonstrated. This will provide you with everything needed to determine if DMT is right for you. Our training is conducted by successful DMT Health providers and the people who design the systems. Therefore, you will get first hand knowledge of the therapy, system and potential for your business. Don’t let money get in the way of your decision to attend the Workshop. It’s FREE!

Who Should get involved?

This workshop is an eye-opener for independent massage, physical, and sports therapists, aestheticians, and all other bodyworkers in either private practice or spa venues who…

  • want to keep up on the latest developments in the bodywork industry;
  • are being choked off by franchise operations and other competitors;
  • would be proud to develop and retain a grateful and loyal clientele.

Some of What You Will Learn…

  • The history of a therapy with 3,000 years of proven benefits
  • The scientific principles behind DMT’s rapid healing results
  • Modern applications of DMT: medical, therapeutic, aesthetic, wellness
  • Why it’s savvy and profitable to integrate aesthetic services into your menu
  • How to introduce DMT natural body renewal services to your clients
  • Therapy applications so effective at reducing pain you can guarantee it
  • A deep tissue massage method that’s painless for both you and your client
  • Therapy delivery techniques through hands-on practice
  • How packaged therapies ensure on-going client visits
  • “Done-for-you” market strategies that will fill your appointment book
  • Why both therapists and clients are ecstatic about DMT

More Reasons to check it out…

  • You are interested in making more money
  • You are interested in learning how to attract new clients
  • You want to reduce the amount of your physical stress
  • You want to offer your clients more of what they now want.
  • You understand the power of natural healing powers
  • You do not currently have a unique, aesthetic therapy to offer

Upcoming FREE webinar workshop series:

Download package –

-Principles of Decompression Massage Therapy
-Aesthectic Applications
-Marketing Tissue Decompression
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We didn’t realize the potential of our Spa until we integrated DMT into our service menu.
Sharon H., Spa Owner
Elysium Spavid_elysium_spa_shWe absolutely love our DMT System, and our clients love the results.
Sandra D., Spa Owner
She-Etc. Spafeatured_therapists_she_etc

We just started using the DMT system, and we are already seeing great results.

Laurel K., Spa Owner
Peach Body Boutique Spa



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