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Naturally Repair soft tissue injuries and soft tissue trauma

Naturally Repair soft tissue injuries and soft tissue trauma

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It’s moving day. You’ve spent hours straining to lift and carry boxes to the moving van. Or maybe you were overaggressive during a physical workout. These are the kinds of events that seem harmless enough —until your body sends its SOS signals in the form of pain. Strain and jolts to our body are unavoidable. So are the spasms, twinges, cramps, throbbing, burning sensations, swelling, bruises, tenderness, muscle contractions, and other body aches that accompany them.

These pains frequently don’t even show up for days or weeks after the event that triggered them. But when they fi nally land, they can deliver a lot of misery. No need to get treatment, right? “I can limp a while longer. It’ll get better.” Sound familiar? Trouble is, while you’re suffering, the body is responding with long term stiffness and soreness, while also forming adhesions that limit your range of motion and make you wince, for example, each time you turn your neck at a certain angle.

Certainly these are not problems one can wish away. But before you begin to rely on prescription medicines or decide on invasive surgery as remedies, you really owe it to yourself to ask your DMT therapist about negative pressure treatment. DMT has been a mainstay healing method for three millennia. Using alternating sub-atmospheric pressure, Decompression Massage Therapy breaks down adhesions and increases circulation. This reduces swelling, releases trapped nerves, blood vessels and fluids, allowing nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to do its healing work.

DMT is an effective therapy that helps to resolve your pain and awaken your body’s defenses.

These all-natural treatments work so well that in some cases they have helped people avoid surgery. DMT has also resolved injury pain suffered for many years.

arrowDMT gets the body’s self-healing machine in smooth, operating order. Check with your DMT Provider, and discover how to get yourself back in motion and back in the game.

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