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DMT Workshop Series for Massage Therapist

This was shot during the DMT workshop series for the massage therapist. These 4 hr. workshops were conducted on a weekly basis. They were part lecture, part demonstration and the largest part was hands on. During the hand on a portion of the workshop therapist had the opportunity to experience the therapy. There ware banks of tissue decompressors set up along with Certified DMT therapist to explain the use of the powerhead and tools.DMT is a natural therapy with the power to heal a soft tissue in half the time

The new therapy delivers variable negative pressure to the affected region of soft tissue. The application of variable negative pressure to closed soft tissue is referred to as decompression massage therapy (DMT) or tissue decompression. The application to open wounds is referred to as negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT). The therapy uses a device for generating and controlling the pressure and delivering it thru a series of body tools that regulate the application and direction of force to the tissue

Tissue decompression of the back is accomplished using this invisible, powerful, painless force to reach deep into the tissue. The pressure is applied thru the use of various body tools designed to pump, pull, strip and shear the soft tissue. The resulting pressure differential provides the force needed for directional manipulation and stimulation of the tissue.

The results are a reduction in tissue blockages resulting from ancient wounds chronic stress or a recent trauma. The tissue is rapidly irrigated with fresh blood and waste and retained fluids can be drawn away from the wound site to be disposed through the lymph system. The specific physiological actions were first documented in the 80’, in a now famous Russian clinical trial on wound healing. The Russians were experiencing high infection rates in soldiers who sustained combat injuries during their involvement in the Afghanistan conflict. Several clinical trials were launched in an attempt to reduce the infection rates.

One trial focused on testing the application negative pressure. Negative pressure has been used with acupuncture for thousands of years to guide the flow of energy in the body along the meridians. The same concept would be tested with using a new variable negative pressure generator called a decompressor. The success of the trials in reducing wound healing time by half, caught the medical community by surprise. A patient rush ensued. There are now two main applications of variable negative pressure therapy, tissue rehabilitation and wound therapy.

The first application is soft tissue rehabilitation which uses a piston powered decompressor that powers multiple body tools to rapidly treat the soft tissue. The therapy is called Decompression Massage Therapy (DMT) and it is provided by massage therapist, physical therapist, and chiropractors.

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