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Soft Tissue Decompression

Natural Soft Tissue Renewal Therapy

DMT is a natural soft tissue renewal therapy. DMT goes by many names: negative pressure therapy, reverse massage, and subatmospheric therapy to name just a few. The concept is to reduce atmospheric compression of the tissue by using a pressure lower than the atmospheric pressure.  The result is a dramatic movement of tissue fibers and body fluids.  The applications go back for thousands of years, but recent clinical trials in Russia demonstrated the benefits of high levels of negative pressure applied to soft body tissues.

In the first clinical trial in negative pressure, thousands of year history demonstrated that it could heal traumatized tissue in approximately half the time of conventional healing. The details of the reasons for this are detailed in a paper “The Soft Tissue Issue”.  The basic therapeutic applications of DMT for bodyworkers is pain lifting, body tightening and detoxification. The therapy is a natural soft tissue renewal therapy.

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