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Catherine Ruvivar

DMT Enhanced My Business

DMT enhanced my business. It began when I received an advertisement for DMT. At the time I was about to learn fire cupping from my therapists. I attended a workshop and when I saw this machine I knew I had to have one of these machines. After I started using the machine everyone I used it on saw results, so they would come back. This is how I built the business. For my business it was mostly aesthetic therapies. I had a client who signed up to get into her wedding dress. After four sessions she was able to fit into her dress. She continues to come back for other therapy.

I realized I needed someone to manage these sessions for me. I expanded my business using DMT services. I keep posters on the wall so massage clients ask about the therapy all the time. I was able to do the same amount of work with DMT with a lot less physical work. I could not believe how easy it is. DMT is powerful, I don’t know of anything else that I have experienced that is as powerful as DMT. I feel down to the bone. Unless you experience it you won’t know what I am talking about. As a therapist we are always in the body and there is gravity. With DMT negative pressure there is the ability of the body to expand and to take away the gravity. When you experience the lack of gravity it really helps. It is a remarkable feeling, it energizes you.

One client has digestive complications and after the therapy said, oh my gosh I have to come once a week in just to deal with chronic constipation. It’s a chronic reason for her. Everyone has different reasons why the like it. I have never had a negative feedback, it’s wonderful. People glow about it and tell their friends about it. Talk about it so it’s exciting. You know I think it’s a wonderful tool to integrate into your practice. DMT has enhanced my revenue, my monthly income, and it allows me to work less physically and also has increased the overall wellness of my clients.

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