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DMT Workshop

DMT Demonstration Workshop

This 4 hr. DMT demonstration workshop in Dallas Texas was attended by more than 100 LMT’s. It was conducted by Chari Paulsen DMT certified trainer. Chari is a Geologist turned bodyworker. Chari is a certified instructor in several modalities. These workshops were about one third lecture, one third demo and one third hands on. Multiple therapy tables with DMT power heads and tools were located throughout the room.

The goal of the DMT demonstration workshop was to provide enough training for the therapist to be able to try the therapy out on another therapists. There are few groups with more soft tissue issues than, massage therapist. Massage therapy is very hard on the body. This fact is apparent when you have a large group of massage therapists on a table. You will see about every type of common soft tissue issue there is in one room.

Many of these therapists experienced relief for the first time. Its the case of the Cobbler has no shoes. The massage therapist has unresolved soft tissue issues. John Barns, PT a well known Massage Therapy Guru calls these soft tissues, ancient wounds. Ancient because they remain unresolved for so long. They require bodywork to resolve and the physician or chiropractors are not going to spend the time working on them. Even if they understood how to do it.

They often just become ancient wounds and we live with them. Body work is hard on the caregivers body so DMT provides a solution to this problem. DMT goes deeper painlessly than the therapist can go by hand. A large set of body tools allows every area to be treated down to a joint.

The powerful piston powered DMT power head can power up to 4 large body tools at the same time. Each can be locked on with two fingers using the auto locking valves. Non kinking connectors prevent operational problems. Learn more about how DMT can help you resolve soft tissue pain for your clients and yourself.

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