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Decompression Massage for Aesthetics, Therapeutics, and Wellness.

Decompression massage is a type of body therapy based on ancient practices and new technology.  The success with this therapy is supported with clinical trial findings that document the renewal powers of tissue decompression.  Decompression therapy has many names around the world.  A few of these names include sub-atmospheric therapy, reverse massage and negative pressure therapy.

In medicine, decompression massage therapy (DMT) is used for post surgical tissue healing.  In the massage and chiropractic field, it is used therapeutically to break up adhesions and scar tissue restoring fluid flow within the tissue.  At the same time, it exercises muscle tissue, ligaments and the fascial structure. The result blood flow, exercise and detoxification of the tissue accelerate the healing of the soft tissues.

In the case of aesthetics, DMT accelerates the production of collagen, which is responsible for the shape and form to the body. Spas often use it to reduce inches and tighten loose skin.  In wellness therapies, a common use is lymph drainage and non-invasive colon clearing.

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