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Chiropractic Tissue Decompression for Lower Back Pain

The process of healing soft tissue and relieving back pain can be greatly aided through the use of soft tissue decompression. The application of negative pressure relieves the atmospheric load placed on the body by the atmospheric pressure (weight of the atmosphere). In the surgical field this process is known as sub-atmospheric tissue therapy. It is the premier therapy for post surgical wound therapy and reduces the time required for an open wound to heal by half.

For Chiropractors the application for lower back therapy can be applied automatically. The attachments are simply placed on specific regions of the tissue and the automatic powerhead does the work and notifies the staff when the process is complete. What takes place is a variable decompression of the soft tissue structure resulting in several physical actions. The first is tissue extension. The muscles are extended stretching the fibers breaking adhesion’s in the tissue, the tissues are filled with blood drawn by the lower than normal pressure within the tissue. Waste products such as fluids from swelling and tissue from scaring are dislodged and free to move to the area of low pressure being created by the powerhead.

The results in tissue healing are documented in over 500 clinical trials conducted on tissue healing. The healing rate is dramatically accelerated and the level of pain is often reduced. The lower back treatments require from 10 – 20 minutes. With a therapists the therapy can be applied to a far wider range of symptoms. The tools set provides for tissue extension, stripping and shearing. These actions are effective for an endless list of soft tissue injuries including scar tissue, painful tissue following surgery, trigger points, fybromyalgia to name a few.

In recent years the medical profession has just begun to realize the healing power of Tissue Decompression.

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