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Breakthrough In Soft Tissue Healing

Breakthrough in Soft Tissue Healing

In 1980’s the Russians were conducting clinical trials  in soft tissue healing therapy. Their ground breaking clinical trial used a completely natural method to heal soft tissue injuries on combat soldiers.   The  results were dramatic and demonstrated that it was possible to heal the tissue in half the time normally required using only negative pressure.

The significance of this breakthrough in soft tissue healing for natural healers was huge.  Few clinical trials had ever been conducted on the benefits of soft tissue manipulation in the healing processes.

Over the next decade, the therapy spread to the United States and quickly became a premier wound healing procedure for post surgical trauma. Today sub-atmospheric therapy is used through the United States and covered by insurance.

The largest market for this powerful soft tissue healing technique remains untapped. That is the healing of the millions of walking wounded who carry around unresolved tissue injuries.  John Barnes, PT refers to them as ancient wounds because they are not understood by the medical or chiropractic community and removed soft tissue injuries.

The system described in this paper has even greater power to work with soft tissue issues. It does require a body worker to apply and deliver the therapy. These therapists are usually massage therapists, chiropractors or physical therapists.

This paper discusses the mechanisms of negative pressure soft tissue healing that allows the therapist to go deep painlessly. We discuss the multi-dimensional healing power of Decompression Massage Therapy (DMT).

We look at the specialty tools and decompressors used to deliver the sub-atmospheric therapy or Decompression Massage Therapy, the tools, connectors and accessories.

This paper will provide a good overview of this new soft tissue healing therapy. It covers the basic applications including aesthetic, therapeutic and wellness therapies.  The technology of generating and delivering negative pressure is also covered. A copy is available on this site.


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