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Attendee Speaks Out

Benefits of Negative Pressure Therapy

During a workshop an attending massage therapists stands up and speaks out about the benefits of negative pressure therapy. Kaci is an independent massage therapist with a successful massage business. She discusses the benefits and problem associated with the use of cupping and the benefits of using this machine. This is the first time she had seen the machine. All the therapists in these workshops are exposed to lecture, demonstrations and hand on trial of the equipment.

She has had extensive experience in the use of negative pressure, but you cannot control cupping. With DMT you have the power to variably control the pressure and to apply and release up to four large body tools at the same time. It is amazing just how powerful this system is for the therapist and the client.

Kaci talks about her own situation where she was having memory problems and a lot of other issues. She received a negative pressure therapy treatment and could tell the difference immediately. She said she was just stagnant. You would think that the body work would have taken care of the stagnation, but that was not the case but with the negative pressure the problem was solved.

Talking about Endermology vs DMT for Cellulite treatment. She said Endermology hurts and this does not.

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