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Benefits of Decompression Massage Therapy

I’m Cathey, I’m a massage therapist in Texas. And I’m just going to share with you a little bit of my experience. I’ve been a massage therapist for a little over 5 years now. I got into it because I was a yoga therapist and yoga teacher. And I incorporated massage as I understood it into the therapy I would do with people who were having a lot of joint problems and structure problems. And so as I did that my daughter went to massage school and I thought that is so cool, I want to do that. So I became a massage therapist too. And I’m sure you all know how difficult deep tissue work is.

I’ve been going to a Chinese doctor for a long time that would use cupping on me whenever I have problems. When I had a broken ankle she used cupping on me . When I had pneumonia she used cupping on me. So I was absolutely thrilled when I went to this special presentation titled “The Benefits of Decompression Massage Therapy”. I didn’t know what it was about. But it just sounded so intriguing. But they were really doing a more powerful form of cupping with the DMT machine. And I thought, I want that. I must have that. And so I went ahead and got the machine. I was so excited. I have had it about 6 months now. With amazing results in so many areas.

One of the first ladies I worked on, I was working in a spa and a nail tech had just started working with us. She broke her pinky toe. It was black and swollen and painful, so she was limping everywhere. So we used the cups, I brought her back. I think I started with the wand and just started working very slowly bringing the swollen area the blood and lymph all up the leg and used various cups. I think because it was new I used just about every little thing that would fit on her ankle.

We did both the inhale and exhale and we also turned the exhale off and just glide and do effleurage with it. The next day she had no bruising left and it was completely gone and she didn’t limp any more. She was so excited! She told everybody about her results.

The next lady I worked on, she wanted to detox and body sculpt. She had other issues. She was also a massage therapist , she had lost range of motion she couldn’t lift her arm. She also had fibromyalgia badly. We did a 20 session on her. Fibromyalgia to this day, the shoulder and the fibromyalgia are perfect. She got the full range of motion back in her shoulder and no more fibromyalgia problems. I will add that she was very inspired by how well she felt after the treatments and she’s kept up with it, by changing her diet and changing things around to treat herself better. And that’s a big part of it, educating our clients to treat themselves better so they don’t get themselves in that fix. If we can help them that way we sure try to.

So many people I’ve worked with with sinus problems. Where we’re working the sinuses all along here and down and moving it down the lymph gland. Its very powerful. We have one lady I just worked on last week actually. She was telling me oh this left side is just terribel. I’m having such problems with it. So I focused on the left side. She had come for a massage but she hadn’t heard of the DMT. So I got it out and I said I’m just going to use this on your sinuses and see if we can help break that up. So we did and she was so excited.

She said all this swelling she said she thought it was a cheek bone. And I’ve suffered with this for years. And I thought this was a cheek bone and its gone! Its all gone , it all broke up and its flushed out of my body. But now I noticed its on the right side too. Can you do the right side? She hadn’t noticed the right side had a problem too because it was less. So we did that and we just balanced her out the other day. She’s so excited.

I will mention the technique that I have come up with for working the face. I ususally start with the smallest cup or the pin the wide one or the small bell. I start in the close in area very specifically and I let it inhale and exhale and on the exhale I move it so I’m not stretching the skin and making wrinkles. They won’t like me for that. I always move it on the exhale or I always keep it on the slowest setting. Actually the first lady, she had very very puffy under her eyes and she wanted that gone. So we did that and we were working it and she said ” I don’t care if it makes a mark, I want you to crank it up and really get that out of there. And so I did and i can tell you the swelling was completely gone.

She had no more puffiness under her eyes. But she had 2 black eyes like you would not believe. But she was thrilled. I don’t recommend that though. But we won’t do that again probably. But I use the little ones and move on the exhale sometimes I will hold it for an 8 count, but other than her I have never given anyone a black eye yet.So I work it out and I always work the temple area. Then I work on down and I always compelled to work around the ears. I think it effects the ears and the estation tubes alot. Then we bring it down all the way down and you kind of have to find the path that their body opens up for you to so you don’t break contact to keep it moving over the bone structure.

After I do it with the small cup, I will do it with the wand. Just move with the exhalation so your not pulling. After I have done that I will take a larger one, depending on their cheek size I might take one of these.

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