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Back Pain, Hip Pain, And Stress

Back Pain, Hip Pain, and Stress

Cathy Carbaughs client Cathy Ann discusses her DMT treatment for back pain, hip pain and stress. “I was not sure what to expect. I just knew she was going to use a machine and some large cups. During the first therapy I was so relaxed I went to sleep. After each session I was able to sleep better at night, less stress and depression, less anxiety and more energy. Decompression Massage Therapy helped me build my energy. I also noticed my cloths were getting loose. I drive 15 miles to see her and I don’t even think about it. It is definitely worth it.”

DMT treatment for back pain, hip pain and stress. The stress relief would not require the powerful DMT system and could have been delivered with standard massage. But it does show that you can do a decompression massage which is much deeper and still relaxing enough for the client to sleep. This is because lifting is much softer on the tissue than compression. Decompression Massage Therapy is sometimes called a reverse massage because it goes in the opposite direction.

The body is mostly fluid and fluids must obey the law of physics. If you create an unequal pressure in a permeable membrane the fluid on the other side must equalize the pressure. To equalize the fluids the fluids must move to the source of the low pressure. What this means is using the negative pressure it is possible to control fluid and tissue movement in a way not possible with compression alone.

Decompression of the body can be effective for reducing edema, extending muscle fibres, breaking adhesions in soft tissue, removing blockages that can result in hypoxia or tissue dehydration. DMT can break scar tissue that can entrap nerve fibers causing pain. DMT can easily eliminate trigger points without the need to know how to find their referring source.

DMT is good for facial and body therapy including clearing up facial tissues, the tools have been used to restore nerve dysfunction resolving pain and loss of feeling in the soft tissue often resulting from trauma or surgery. DMT is an all purpose modality. A good tool for the bodyworkers toolbox.

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