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I am Cathey Carbaugh. I am a certified DMT therapist, a LMT, and a yoga therapist. Today we are going to talk about arthritis. I am blessed to live in a retirement community and there are so many people and their hands, they can’t straighten them and their in a lot of pain. DMT is amazing for arthritis. I love and sometimes use the wand. I will use the small pin, depending on the size of the hands. I work on tiny ladies and sometimes I work on men with big hands. So you have to depend on them.

I know through reflexology and Chinese medicine that the lymph runs up the back of the hand. So I put a lot of emphasis on decompression along the fingers of the back of the hand. And always when I’m doing this I will take this and run a straight line trying not to break contact so the suction remains firm. Keep going up as far as it will go and working it toward the lymph. I will work it 3 or 4 times per finger and work each finger specifically that way. These pins work perfectly that way on the fingers. After I’ve done that and worked on that area I will take one of the glass cups. Usually the bigger one but it depends on the size of the hand.

Uh well in between size bring it over the knuckle and work our way over the back of the hand. Well on me I would use the smaller one and place it over the knuckle and let it stay there 8 breaths or so and begin moving it slowly moving up the hand, I can either turn the breathing off or effleurage and just glide it on up or I can move with the breath so as the machine exhales I move on that exhalation. Either way will work wonderfully. So I work very specifically on the back of the hands.

You know when they get that arthritis and that calcification their blood and their lymph can’t flow and that hurts. So know one wants to have that swelling there. And its so effective for releasing that swelling and getting that old stale stuff out of there. Its so exciting to watch these wonderful people come out and say I can move my hands and they are so excited! They tell everybody they see, look I can move my hands! And that’s wonderful, it brings so much satisfaction.

Its such a simple thing and it really doesn’t take long to work this and it makes their day. So I hope that helps you. I focus a lot on the front of the hand and arm, but I will also focus on the palm side, so take the glass cup and I will work this whole inner area of the hand. You know the whole body is mapped out there and so we give that good attention always working toward the heart, you know how that goes. And just work it on up to lymph drainage. So that’s what we do.

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