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Aesthetic Therapy

Aesthetic Therapy

Julie Lee, LMT, DMT she is a nationally certified medical massage therapist. Julie discusses her experience with DMT aesthetic therapy while working with her clients. My speciality is therapeutic and bodywork. I do John Barns Myofascial release combined with cranial sacral therapy and medical massage techniques. With DMT I began to offer aesthetic therapy. I have seen a lot of inch loss with the clients that have chosen to do the full 20 treatments.

I have worked with breast augmentation, I have had success with the decollete. This is huge for women that are aging. The face lift is phenomenal. I have a family member who gets the facial and said they have huge change in their skin tone. It is important to measure before beginning the treatment series. If the appointments are not frequent your self image will adapt to the new smaller size and you may not realize the actual inch loss that is occurring.

It is important for the client to drink water during the therapy. Water is part of the metabolic process that occurs and without it the results can be reduced. Full body treatments are better than partial treatments because all the accumulated waste are flushed from the system. The treatment begins with the outer extremities and moves inward in the same process that lymph drainage is done. This forces the fluid waste to move toward the lymph nodes.

This is particularly important under the arms since this fatty tissue stores the chemicals in underarm deodorants. This process can release a significant amount of toxins and result in nausea. These best way to avoid this is to be well hydrated.

Depending on the body size there are approximately 7 zones with a placement of 4 cups per zone. If the session 55 minutes this is about 2 minutes per cup placement. So you will be pretty busy with a full body session to complete all the placements

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