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Tissue Normalization through Fluid Balancing

Tissue Normalization through Fluid Balancing

Tissue becomes abnormal from trauma. Trauma is the result of any physical injury such as an accident or surgery or an emotional injury that produces a shock such as stress which can impact the physical structures of the body just as physical injuries.

Traumatized tissue can be painful or limit its normal range of motion. Most old pains or ancient wounds can be normalized through a process of fluid balancing. The first use of these principles is lost in antiquity.  Archeologists have unearthed evidence of primitive tools suggesting the early methods were used more than 10,000 years ago.  Even more amazing is the fact that these highly effective principles have been lost to modern medicine in this country until recently.

The body is largely in a fluid state with more than 70% water content. Trauma often results in scar tissue deep below the surface, stress and shock can cause chronic constructions.  Scar tissue and constrictions work to dehydrate the tissue and restriction the normal movement of the fibers. The result is pain and loss of motion that can spread throughout the body and remain.

Traditional medical interventions are large ineffective against these ancient wounds because they attempt to treat the symptom rather than the cause.  Bodyworkers lack the tools to go deep and break up scar tissue or pump blood because the tissue in need of help is pain sensititive and the deep powerful therapy needed stimulate the normalization of the structures.

Pump ‘it, twist ‘it, and strip ‘it to heal it.  Tissue decompression is a painless natural therapy that uses a differential negative pressure to normalize tissues fluid levels and range of motion. Pumping the tissue will create a back and forth flow of fluids like trying to use a plunger to unstop a sink, lifting then compressing. 

The repeated compression then decompression acts as a plunger does for a sink, gently breaking up the blockage and freeing the sink to drain (normalize).  The same goes for your tissues as the excess accumulated and toxic waste fluids are flushed new blood is drawn in the tissue rehydrating the tissues and normalizing the structure.

The gentle twisting of the tissue with the tissue decompression tools releases the muscles and myofascial tissues from restraining stress contractions, breaking up blockages and scar tissue and restoring the bio-energy transmission throughout the body through the piezoelectric effect of healthy tissues.  Stripping the fibers extends the fibers in the functional direction of movement helping them to return to their normal length. 

When you combine these actions, it’s like the rhythm of a band all working together, each instrument playing a critical role. The resulting music here is circulation, tissue elongates of the soft tissues and myofascial tissues relieving the pressure on pain sensitive structures alleviating the symptoms of pain, and restoring the motion and health of the tissues.

Help the body to overcome the trauma by normalizing the tissues.  Remember, pump ‘it, twist ‘it, and strip ‘it to normalize it and the body will heal it.  Negative pressure therapies are used throughout the world and go by many names;  sub-atmospheric therapy, negative pressure therapy, tissue decompression therapy and decompression massage therapy to name a few.

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