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Scar Tissue and Adhesions Limit Movement, Cause Blockages and Pain

It is difficult for traditional therapies to resolve these ancient wounds.

Remnants of old injuries or surgeries.  These wounds can remain unresolved for years and continue to entrap nerves, block blood flow, retain waste, dehydrate tissues, and create friction limiting muscle and fascia movement .

The process to resolve these problems from scars and adhesions is one that has been around for thousands of years but lost to modern health care.  It is the use of negative pressure to gently reach deep inside the body pulling and stretching on all internal structures.  The process sets of a cascade of positive changes.  The affected area has long been in a state of stagnation.  Just look at standing water to see where that process leads.

The body is largely fluid and fluids all obey the law of fluid dynamics.  This law states that fluids in a permeable environment must pass through the membranes until the pressure equalizes.  This process stretches the tissues cross fiber or longitudinally.  The resulting increase in tension releases adhesions and scar tissue.  Blood is rushed to the area creating profusion in the dehydrated tissue.  The waste products are drawn to the interstitial space where the lymph can remove them. 

The therapy is painless and very stimulating to the body.   Visit  and search for the dmthealth channel.  Select all videos to view more than 50 videos of various treatments provided by this powerful tissue healing therapy.

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