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Reverse Massage for Maximum Therapeutic Benefit

Reverse massage for maximum benefit.   So how do you reverse a massage.  Reverse massage is simple, rather than compress the tissue you decompress the soft tissue.  The results are dramatic.  Compression is limited by the discomfort that results.  Decompression can reach the core without causing any discomfort.

The use of negative pressure dates back to mans earliest times where he used animal horns smoothed on a rock and held over a fire to create negative pressure.  It has evolved over time to modern clinical wound therapy utilizing negative pressure units that reduce wound healing time by half. These units reverse the pressure over the wound site from atmospheric pressure to sub-atmospheric pressure.

Hundreds of clinical trials testify to the power of negative pressure to stimulate the healing power of the body by increasing circulation, hydrating tissues, breaking up blockages such as adhesion’s and scar issues. Reverse massage therapies benefits can be found in massage therapy, chiropractic therapy and physical therapy.

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