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Resolving Chronic Back Pain – Going Where Few Bodyworkers Will Go

If you have chronic back pain, you have probably already had an x-ray to determine if there is any structural damage to the vertebrae or disk material.  If not, you see a chiropractor who is best equipped to make this determination. If your chiropractor determines are no bone spurs, damaged disc or other structural problems he will make treatment recommendations.
Many chiropractors are not equipped to effectively treat soft-tissue constrictions.  They often only have a tens machine, e-stim or ultrasound machine.  These machines are not effective at serious tissue renewal therapy required to effectively resolve these chronic tissue constrictions.
Back Pain can radiate from a variety of tissues.  It can be a nerve trapped in scar tissue or adhesions that resulted from an old injury. The injury may not have seemed bad at the time because there was no blood.  The blood may have been below the skin resulting in invisible scar tissue.  
The pain may be from chronic tension retained in the myofascial tissues.  This chronic constriction results from workplace injuries, ergonomic issues, trauma, past surgeries, illness or stress. The constrictions cause tissue hydration and block the normal flow of energy and fluids.  The body is simply reporting its displeasure with these conditions.
There are many times lower back pain. One unusual source of back pain is soft tissues in the buttocks region   almost all body workers including many chiropractors prefer to avoid this critical area because of sensitivity issues.  The kneading and manipulation of someone buttocks just does not seem like a good idea.  But new tissue decompression tools (not with back decompression machines) put this tissue through a workout that few hands are willing or able to do.
The process kneads the tissue, painlessly breaking up adhesions, scar tissues, releasing stress related compression, impinged nerves and chronic muscle contraction. The therapy creates a powerful vascular profusion that fills the tissue with blood and healing motion in process.  This therapy can be completed in one or more 30 minute sessions.  If the buttocks is the source of the discomfort you will feel the improvement in a single treatment.

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