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Pneumotherapy since 10, 000BC.

Its actual beginnings are unknown.  Archeologist unearthed tools from ancient camp sites.  These tools consisted of animal horns, smoothed on rocks and held over a fire to displace the air inside creating a negative pressure.  This negative pressure therapy tool is the forerunners to modern tissue decompression tools and practices.

Today soft tissue decompression is expanding rapidly following the successful clinical trials beginning in the mid 80’s.  In a few decades it has emerged as a premier post surgical wound healing therapy.  It is also the key element on many aesthetic therapies devices used by plastic surgeons and Spas.

However, the largest market appears to be the bodywork market which includes massage therapist, physical therapist, natural healing practitioners, sport therapists, and chiropractors.  Body workers have long held down with nothing but their hands, stones and a few blunt objects to use in healing while every other therapeutic profession embraced technology to advance their curative science.  Chiropractor’s hand adjustment for back compression is now surpassed by  decompression machines that apply precise force separating and relieving the vertebrae that are just impossible  by hand.

It is important to note that disease is caused by physical disturbances and can often be cured by bodily means.  Hence these physical therapies are an prominent in the scope of healing the body.

Other body workers such as a massage therapist continue to do what they can with their hands.  And there is a lot that hand work can accomplish, but it is no match for technology when it comes to controlling, power and the avoidance of discomfort from deep tissue work, or the ability to bring blood into the tissue and remove edema and waste.

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