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Painlifting of Soft Tissue for healing and reducing pain

Painlifting is based on the clinical findings resulting from the Russian clinical trials. The trials were to assess the benefits of negative pressure applied to a wound site. The results revolutionized the wound healing industry. Today negative pressure wound therapies can be found in use in all major U.S. hospitals (sub-atmospheric therapy). The application of variable negative pressure to soft tissue delivers many therapeutic benefits. The most obvious benefit is dramatic increase in circulation. This is obvious to the observer by the rapid change in skin color as blood is drawn into the affected area by the negative differential pressure. The pressure penetrates deep into the tissue and on the decompression stroke extends the tissues only to release them on the release of the negative pressure and return of the atmospheric pressure. The benefits to this pumping action is the destruction of tissue blockages that take the form of adhesion’s, scar tissue and tissue constrictions. The removal of these blockages restores blood flow and re-hydration of the soft tissue. It only takes a few minutes before the muscles relax and the pain often abates. See the videos on the DMTHealth Channel on YouTube for more information.

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