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Pain Lifting

“They often come to me after extensive testing from the medical community”, says Martha Johnson DMT. At this point its obvious the tissue is the issue. Negative pressure tissue therapy is used by massage therapists, chiropractors, and surgeons to aid the body in healing the tissue problem. The principles are application are simple. Choose the tools and application points. then apply variable negative pressure to the affected tissue watching the color. There are four basic moves; stripping, pulling, pumping and shearing. The choice depends on the location and condition of the tissue.

Experienced DMT therapist can read the colors in light skinned clients easily. Pain Lifting differs from stripping, pumping, pulling and shearing. Pain lifting is a cross between pumping and pulling. It consists of long strong pulls which extend deep into the tissue. The tissue is filled with blood, manipulated, re-hydrated and force the release any accumulated waste. The negative pressure is applied though special flanged cups can go deep into the tissue without producing pain. Try DMT today.

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