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Natural Healing is from the Inside-out

Clinical studies have shown that healing is a regenerative response at the cellular level.  Every attempt to heal a patient is an attempt to influence this process.  This influence can be chemical, biological, physical intervention or by stimulation.  We are going to discuss the latter.

Tissue stimulation has been shown to increase circulation, the movement of interstitial fluids, fiber recruitment and to boost the cellular rejuvenation process. Stimulation of soft tissues excites the fibroblasts which are responsible for collagen and muscle production.  Collagen and muscle tissue are critical to normal wound healing. 

Stimulation increases the supply of blood to the tissue and the movement of accumulated waste fluids away from the injury site.  Newly formed tissues are can be stimulated to align along there functional direction of movement.  Stimulating movement during the healing process insures the preservation of range of motion and the smooth operation of the various layers of interconnected tissues.

The process of tissue stimulation can be accomplished by numerous methods.  Common is the use of energy in the form of light to produce a heat source.  Heat is an effective option and is available from a number of sources.

Another option for stimulation is sound.  Sound can result from a variety of sources such as ultra sound devices or even radio frequency.   A popular method of stimulation is the use of electrical current.  This current varies in its composition and power a common example is a TENS unit.  Massage and stretching are proven manual methods of tissue stimulation and alignment.

Another option that has far greater power is applied negative differential pressure.  The mostly fluid body is a physical structure and as such must obey the laws of physics.  These laws require fluids mobilize in the direction of a low pressure area.  The sub-atmospheric pressure has the power to permeate the entire tissue structure and in the process rebalance fluids, encourage dramatic increases in circulation, literally strip excess fluids and to extend and move the tissues during their healing process. 

Tissue decompression is the only stimulation process discussed so dramatically affects all three critical healing points.  The therapy is natural, painless and even relaxing.  The result is a dramatic reduction in healing time.


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