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Key Factor in Soft Tissue Healing Power of Tissue Decompression – Microcirculation

Microcirculation carries the blood to the tissues.  A blockage resulting from a trauma, surgery or stress can result in a reduction in blood flow and perfusion in the tissue.  Normal fluid balance is critical to contol swelling or edema, supply oxygen and nutrients, eliminate waste and reduce inflammation within the tissues.

Tissue decompression produces a differential  pressure that produces a imbalance within the tissue.  The mostly fluid tissues must act to equalize this inbalance as quickly as possible.  The result is a dramatic increase in circulation, rapid tissue profusion, leveling of fluids to rehydrate or dehydrate accumulated fluids.

In addition to the fluid equalization the tissue retraction of the fibrous tissue contributes  to the extension of muscle, tendons and ligaments, reduction of scar tissues and stimulating the fibroblast, resulting in the production of collagen and muscle tissue, a key structural componet in the healing process.

Differential pressure is a powerful painless,healing therapy that is natural, safe and effective at healing the body from the inside out.  Verious forms of tissue decompression have been in continous use for thousands of years. A billion users can’t be wrong.


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