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Income Generation with Decompression Massage Therapy

Negative pressure therapies are ideal for coupon and Groupon type of advertising.  Especially performance based system such as Groupon.  The reason is you only pay for the clients you get and on average they get a lot of therapies.  There are many different therapies, but the two therapies have had the most success time after time are the following:

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Pain Lifting

PAIN LIFTING   You can price a ½ hr. pain lift session say $69 discount in half $34.50.  This is a price people with pain will often take advantage of. For you, this is a chance to demo the therapy and get paid for it.  Even though they will definitely feel this powerful therapy, it normally requires an average of 5 sessions to resolve many of the common soft tissue issues that affect your clients.  A few are resolved in fewer sessions and some tough issues such as painful scars often require more therapy to resolve.  The average number of sessions is five.  You can offer packages for 3 or 5 sessions with discounts for more sessions.  You can still keep earnings somewhere around $60 to $80 per hour with no additional revenue share with Groupon.

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Body Contouring


BODY TIGHTENING   The promotional offers also work well for body tightening.  There is a lot of bun muffins, bat wings, turkey thighs, kangaroo pouches and more terrible names for loose flabby tissue. Start by promoting a half hour session priced like above.  Women and even a few men jump at the idea of a trying out a natural non-surgical inch reduction therapy for a low cost.  Of course it will require a number of sessions to make the numbers move on that measuring tape.

A word of caution, body tightening although natural can be addictive for a small number of the clients treated.  These clients may just keep coming.  We have therapist who report a few clients have had over 100 sessions.  It is a type of exercise that affects people differently. I filmed several of these to see what they had to say.

Body tightening will actually reduce inches.  It is not a weight loss therapy as it does not burn a significant amount of calories. The therapy tones and tightens the body in areas hard to reach with exercise.  For example how to tighten the low fat after child birth or the flabby skin on the back of arms.  You have to invest in your body if you want it to remain firm. DMT has been used by professional models to hit their mandatory figure numbers for them to return to work after having a child.  Learn more about how to build your business with DMT or the aesthetic brand iSculpt.

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