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Healing Soft Tissue Pain

Healing is a natural response to tissue injury.  It begins with inflammation a swelling as fluids move into the area to stabilize the tissue. Inflammation should be gone within 72 hours if not it may need some help to leave the tissue.  The continued inflammation can retard the repair phase where the body begins to build repair tissues.  During this phase the body is producing collagen in a disorganized fashion focusing on speed of repair.

Poor circulation and excess fluids can lead to poor tissue formation and continuing pain.  This poor tissue can be damaged easily.  This is the critical time to stimulate the circulation and help the tissue relaign the tissues.  Moving helps but the most effective way is tissue decompression which draws in blood and pulls out excessive fluids retained in the traumatized tissue.  Tissue decompression can strip the tissue helping align the structural repairs. 

This is accomplished by using a small tool that delivers a negative pressure within the tissue.  This differential pressure increases circulation and profusion within the tissue.The tool is pulled along the muscle fiber helping to align the tissue formation by extending and aligning the fibers.

If the process does not progress inflammation can remain.  Every see a scar with a angry red line that wont leave.  This is a sign of trouble and may account for the pain.  The tissue may have blockages such as scar tissue and adhesions that reduce normal fluid transfer.  This results in dehydration which reduces cellular function and may result in more pain.  This type of soft tissue problem is often referred to as an ancient wound because people walk around with them for years.  These unresolved problems result from past surgery or trauma to the tissues.

Tissue decompression a powerful natural tissue healing therapy you can use on these type of painful tissue problems.  Tissue decompression goes by many names.  Negative pressure therapy, decompression massage therapy and sub-atmospheric therapy.  It is provided by massage therapists, chiropractors and physical therapists.

Tissue decompression is ideal for sports therapy because it is the most powerful source of delivering microcirculation to the injured tissue.


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