Cathy Carbaugh LMT, DMT discusses detoxification with the iSculpt (DMT) machine. Imagine a stack of books. The bottom book has so much compression and so much pressure and if you can take that pressure off, you re-leave a lot of pain a lot of stagnation. Your body is like a perfect model of the earth. Your 70% water the earth is 70 percent water. Think about the characteristics of water. It is meant to flow. If water gets backed up look at all of the debris that gets stuck in it. It becomes unhealthy on the planet and it gets unhealthy in you. And you have had a lifetime to get unhealthy backups in your system. What I love about this is that I can place the cups on you body anywhere. We have so many sizes. Tissue that had never been lifted, we’re going to let them breathe. We are going to lift that tissue according to sections and what the client can handle. We are creating space so the body can do its work. We are going to lift the tissue so blood and lymph and all those toxins have someplace they can get out. Your clients part is very important. They must drink the water. That’s vital or there is nowhere for all of this to go except back deep into the tissue. Your are going to be the space person and create the space. They are going to drink the water. I don’t know of any herb, any drug that will detoxify an entire body the way this can. And there are no side affects other than good health. This is the best thing you can use for detoxification.

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