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Decompression Massage Therapy is Tissue Pumping, Stripping and Shearing

Pumping tissue uses alternating negative pressure to creates a powerful fluid exchange throughout the permeable body tissues.  This action lifts and elongates the cellular structure and removing adhesion’s that cause tissue dehydration pain and loss of function.  The alternating negative pressure creates a movement that is essential for breaking up blockages and releasing the accumulated waste from the tissues.

Stripping utilizes a constant negative pressure providing constant stretching and extension of the long muscle structures.  This action stimulates blood flow in the surrounding soft tissues as well as the muscle fibers.  The stripping movement drains the waste accumulated in the tissue to the lymph nodes for elimination.

Shearing muscle fibers involves attaching to the muscle with a tool operating under a negative pressure.  The tissue is then twisted to release the myofascia and rehydrate the muscle and connective tissues.

The process of pumping produces an immediate vascular profusion of the body tissues. The stripping and shearing eliminate waste and constricted tissues that are responsible for lack of healing and pain in otherwise healthy person.  Decompression Massage Therapy is a powerful tool in natural body healing therapy. The therapy not only normalizes the body in a natural way but the resulting healing results in dramatic improvement to the appearance of the soft tissue.  As a result it is a natural beauty therapy.

Tissue decompression has been in use for thousands of years using fire to create the negative pressure required to normalize the tissues.  Todays tissue decompressors offer more controlled pressure and a wide range of tools to cover from face to feet.

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