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Cupping Therapy is all Grown Up Now.

After thousands of birthdays, cupping therapy has reached maturity.  The first hint of the approaching maturity, was in 1878 with the publication of a well known medicinal journal “Haemospasia.”  The renowned author Junod, stated that “negative pressure therapy is one of the greatest contributions ever made to the healing arts because of its ability to stimulate circulation. Despite his enthusiasm, it was not until the successful Russian clinical trials that it truly matured. The Russians were trying to heal combat wounds sustained in Afghanistan’s war in the 80s.  They suffered high infection rates.  Searching for a solution, they combined their Chinese neighbor’s ancient cupping practices with modern Russian technology and proved that the combination produces a powerful healing tool.  The results were so dramatic that they set off a patent filing rush, reminiscent of the gold rush as the US medical complex rushed to patent this free natural healing method.
It took only a few decades to have it covered by insurance, the accepted measure of being admitted into mainstream medicine (maturity).  This new natural healing therapy is called Negative Pressure Wound Therapy NWPT, and is in use as a healing tool for post surgical wounds worldwide.
However, the story does not stop here.  It turns out its power to heal extends far beyond that of its ancient practices and modern wound healing alone.  It is without a doubt the best way to stimulate the body to heal itself,  which is exactly what wound healing is all about, and the clinical trials confirmed. Tissue decompression applied on a larger scale with more powerful tools produces a dramatic healing response throughout the body.  Once the decompression starts there is an almost instant drop of a half atmosphere. That would be equivalent to going from sea level to a high mountain top in less than two seconds.
The watery and porous body is forced into action, as the dynamic liquid wave created by the variable decompression forces the tissues to rise and falls as it permeates  deep into the tissue, smashing stagnation, stimulating dormant nerve fibers, releasing myofascial tension, lengthening muscles and connective fibers, flushing accumulated toxins, and dramatically boosting circulation.
Adhesions and scar tissues are kneaded like dough until their fragments are left for the metabolic process to consume.  Chronic stress restrictions and blockages are cleared allowing rehydration and the reestablishment of the micro current flow through the tissue.
The body is pumped like a plunger clearing a sink. The inhale stroke created by the pull of the piston powered decompression machine draws a large breadth as the tissue rises high to fill the vacuum, only to be followed by the sudden exhalation of the last breath releasing the weight of a half atmosphere to come crashing down like the plunger in the sink.  This resulting fluid wave penetrates the permeable body structures even through the bone marrow. No cell can escape the law of pressure deferential, which says that all fluids must reach a state of equilibrium. Tissue decompression is an equalization process that forces the body to release the blockages that lie in its path restoring homeostasis within the body. Training in tissue decompression therapy prepares the body worker for major healing work that only compliments their existing practice.  The systems are being used by massage therapists, natural healing clinics, physical therapists, sports trainers, chiropractors and physicians.

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