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Hand, Wrist and Forearm Therapy Normalizes Tissues

Hand and wrist injuries can be managed through effective soft tissue rehabilitation. These repetitive use injuries do not require a traumatic incident to injure a joint, muscle or tendon.   These injuries happen slowly over time but can end up in very traumatic.  No profound event is required. There is often no pain warning until […]

The Healing Power of Tissue Decompression

There is no line between natural renewal and natural healing.  The healing process of soft tissue decompression restores and renews it’s natural beauty.  Healthy tissues are more firm, tight and produces less blemishes.  The reasons are obvious.  Tissues that are affected by blockages, toxins, adhesion and chronic tension cannot function normally.  These conditions result in […]


Arthritis treatment

I am Cathey Carbaugh. I am a certified DMT therapist, a LMT, and a yoga therapist. Today we are going to talk about arthritis. I am blessed to live in a retirement community and there are so many people and their hands, they can’t straighten them and their in a lot of pain. DMT is […]


Detoxification Therapy

Cathy Carbaugh LMT, DMT discusses detoxification with the iSculpt (DMT) machine. Imagine a stack of books. The bottom book has so much compression and so much pressure and if you can take that pressure off, you re-leave a lot of pain a lot of stagnation. Your body is like a perfect model of the earth. […]

Aesthetic, Therapeutic, and Wellness Therapy

Aesthetic, Therapeutic, Wellness Therapy FREE Report

This paper provides a general overview of the Aesthetic, Therapeutic, and Wellness therapy benefits of Decompression Massage therapy. It is a general discussion of DMT and the history of the rapidly expanding therapy.  The general applications of DMT are outlined including fluid balancing, tissue extension and stripping and tissue shear. The benefits of the therapy are […]

Pain Free Soft Tissue Healing

  As bodyworkers we do not heal soft tissue.  We assist the body to achieve a normal pain-free state by removing blockages and stimulating the natural healing processes.  If there is pain in the soft tissue there is something interfering with the natural pain free state.  Bodyworkers can remove the interferences and the pain. Decompression […]

Deep Tissue is Often Deep Pain

It was pain relief I sought when I visited the therapist.  But I had to go to a terrible place to get at my pain.  Getting to the blockages deep within tissue can be painful for both the client and therapist.  Most manual techniques require that the therapist use a blunt objects or appendages such […]

Income Generation with Decompression Massage Therapy

Negative pressure therapies are ideal for coupon and Groupon type of advertising.  Especially performance based system such as Groupon.  The reason is you only pay for the clients you get and on average they get a lot of therapies.  There are many different therapies, but the two therapies have had the most success time after time […]

Pain Free Soft Tissue

As bodyworkers we do not heal soft tissue. The body is always trying to achieve a normal pain free state. If there is pain in the soft tissue there is something interfering with the natural pain free state.  Woodworkers can remove the interferences and the pain. Decompression Massage Therapy (DMT) is a method of using […]

Workshop for Professional Therapist and Chiropractors on Negative Pressure Tissue Rejuvenation

Decompression Massage Therapy (DMT) is not a tactile massage, rather it is a powerful tissue stimulation and tissue manipulation techniques that applies variable negative pressure using specialized tools to the soft tissue structure. The application of negative pressure has been shown to reduce the time to heal soft tissue dramatically. • History of negative pressure […]