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Breaking Scar Tissue Pain – Macro Deformation

Scar tissue can lead to chronic pain.  Deep inside the body there are few alternatives to resolve it.  One natural way to address the process is with negative pressure. Negative pressure can penetrate through the layers that make up the soft tissue structure.  It is here the problem lives.

Scar tissue restricts normal motion of fibers and reduces fluid and energy transmission creating hot spots of pain.  These hot spots can be static, not requiring motion to activate or dynamic, requiring motion to activate.   Scar tissue dehydrates generating pain. Pain generates a muscle contraction response which results in stress restrictions in the muscle and myofascial structures further wrenching down on its victim like a python.

Surgery will only produce more scars, exercise does little to break it up, and hand therapies would have to be so aggressive they could not be tolerated.  A natural solution is a process described as negative pressure macro deformation.  Negative pressure is applied lifting and shearing the tissues below.  This is accomplished with tool called a decompression massage device.  Amazingly since the therapy goes in reverse, pulling out of the body, it is a relatively painless therapy.  The scar tissue is stretched and torn.  This process is repeated in a series, and the body slowly metabolizes the waste tissue. 

Nerves are freed from the grip of the adhesions, fluids are drawn in rehydrating the tissue, muscles are stripped and lengthened helping to elongate the collagen that reforms from the process of tearing and rebuilding.  During the process fresh blood is continually pumped into this formerly barren zone.  The tissue begins to respond almost immediately although the entire process may take weeks or longer.  Therapists call this process “Pain lifting”, because it lifts the tissue far out of the body and often the pain with it.

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