Aesthetic Therapy

Aesthetic Therapy

Julie Lee, LMT, DMT she is a nationally certified medical massage therapist. Julie discusses her experience with DMT aesthetic therapy while working with her clients. My speciality is therapeutic and bodywork. I do John Barns Myofascial release combined with cranial sacral therapy and medical massage techniques. With DMT I began to offer aesthetic therapy. I […]

Benefits of Negative Pressure Therapy

Benefitsof negative pressure therapy

During a workshop an attending massage therapists stands up and speaks out about the benefits of negative pressure therapy. Kaci is an independent massage therapist with a successful massage business. She discusses the benefits and problem associated with the use of cupping and the benefits of using this machine. This is the first time she […]

Marketing DMT Therapy

Marketing DMT Therapy

Certified DMT therapist and trainer Chari Paulsen discusses marketing DMT therapy and how she keeps her schedule full using free mini sessions. She offered a free mini session where the client could experience the therapy and she did not have to give away too much time. She signed up the first five prospects. Some were […]

Back Pain, Hip Pain, and Stress

Back Pain, Hip Pain and Stress

Cathy Carbaughs client Cathy Ann discusses her DMT treatment for back pain, hip pain and stress. “I was not sure what to expect. I just knew she was going to use a machine and some large cups. During the first therapy I was so relaxed I went to sleep. After each session I was able […]

DMT Demonstration Workshop

DMT Demonstration Workshop

This 4 hr. DMT demonstration workshop in Dallas Texas was attended by more than 100 LMT’s. It was conducted by Chari Paulsen DMT certified trainer. Chari is a Geologist turned bodyworker. Chari is a certified instructor in several modalities. These workshops were about one third lecture, one third demo and one third hands on. Multiple […]

DMT Natural Soft Tissue Restoration Therapy

DMT Soft Tissue Restorative Therapy

DMT natural soft tissue restoration therapy has the power to change lives. DMT is an acronym for the term Decompression Massage Therapy. DMT is the mechanically controlled, dynamic or static manipulation of soft tissue. DMT provides for a variable differentiation, of the relative atmospheric pressure, over selected regions of soft tissue, for a pre-determined period […]

Scar Tissue Issues

Scar Tissue Issues

Scar tissue issues are most often ignored by health professionals because it is beyond their scope of training. The fact that pain from scar tissue issues do not show up in conventional screening techniques, it must not be significant. They know little about the physiological effects scars can have on the patient. Scar tissue issues […]

Facial Renewals

Facial Renewal

This is a demonstration of a facial renewal. Notice that the glass tools are not slid but picked up and moved. We do not want three dimensional sheer on the thinner facial tissues. Notice the different size of tools. The smallest tools have a hole for fine control used on the eyebrows. The therapist is […]

Scar Tissue Treatment

Julie Lee, LMT Medical Massage Therapist. Scar Tissue Treatment. I had a client who had a tummy tuck and she lost all her feeling in her mid sections. I did a 5 treatment session and she reported that all her feeling had returned. It had been two years since she the had the surgery. She […]

DMT Enhanced My Business

DMT enhanced my business. It began when I received an advertisement for DMT. At the time I was about to learn fire cupping from my therapists. I attended a workshop and when I saw this machine I knew I had to have one of these machines. After I started using the machine everyone I used […]