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Ancient Therapy Reveals the Power of Negative Pressure to Heal

The origins of negative pressure tissue therapy are lost in antiquity.  Archeologist excavations confirm discovering tools used to provide this therapy dating back more than 10,000 years.  Egyptians described it on the walls of their tombs and Hippocrates recommended it use for a variety of purposes.

Ancient Form of Negative Pressure

So what was this ancient therapy, and why is it more important now than ever before.  The Ancient version was referred to as cupping.  Cupping is a static therapy and produces a static negative pressure in a small glass container that is paced over the tissue.  The negative pressure is produced when the container was held over an open flame for seconds exciting the air molecules inside.  The result was a low pressure inside the container that was immediately applied to the body.  The pressure transmitted through the porous skin into the body producing a therapeutic affect described in other posts.

Clinical Negative Pressure often Called Sub-atmospheric Therapy

The Russians planned to apply modern technology to the ancient concept and test it in a wound healing trial.  The new device would allow for control the intensity and rather than a single static pull as the ancient method provided they would use decompression pump, computer, controls and valves to create a dynamic version delivering a repeating cycles of pressure and recompression.  The Russians were not the first to accomplish this adaptation successfully, but they were the first to test its application of on healing traumatized soft tissue in a modern medical clinical trial for wound healing. 

Clinical Trials Confirm Success of Negative Pressure Therapy

The results of the trial on wound healing stunned the medical community, reducing the wound closure and subsequent healing time by half.  The result was a reduction in the number of infections previously experienced.  The race to the patent office was on, and today negative pressure therapies are a successful approach to wound healing covered by insurance.  In less than a decade this therapy evolved from an ancient therapy to a mainstream medical wound healing therapy.  I predict it will take less than a decade for the therapy to become a mainstay bodywork therapy for chiropractors, phisical therapist, massage theapist, alternative healing centers and other forms of bodywork therapist.

Negative Pressure Therapy Will Be The Workhorse of Natural Therapies

Tissue decompression is a  therapy powerful enough to reduce the time to heal a wound by half might just heal other soft tissue problems.  It does.  In fact it is the most powerful soft tissue healing tool available.  It can painless penetrate down to the cellular level.  It can pull waste free, irrigate tissue with fresh blood, stretch and extend muscle and connective tissue fibers, release tension in myofascial tissue; it breaks up blockages from scar tissue, adhesions and stress contractions and can rehydrate tissues normalizing fluid levels and electrical potential of the cells. 

Discover for yourself the power of tissue decompression therapy to literally lift pain from the body, equalize fluid levels, normalizes tissues and helps the body to return to normal function.

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