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A Pain in the Back

Back pain can be debilitating.  Most americans will experience it during their lifetime.  But it is rarely is it a damage spine or disk.  Almost always the problem lies in the soft tissue.  The soft tissue is just sending out a message of its displeasure with the current state of its health.  The causes are multiple, posture, ergonomic, trauma, scar tissue or stress.  The result is the normal fluid levels of the tissue is interrupted resulting in loss of circulation, dehydration, and blockageof normal energy flow.  This is enough to send the nerves into action reporting the situation.

Your natural bodyworker can breakup the tension, stagnation and blockages restablishing the normal fluid levels and eliminating the pain.  The most powerful tool to accomplish this is negative pressure tissue therapy.  Read this blog to learn how this therapy supercharges soft tissue.

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